“Watery Footprints”

“Watery Footprints”

8 x 6″ oil/canvas panel


This morning I thought I’d work on some commission pieces that I have building up. With the sun popping out and after all those grays, it was so exciting to finally see some color!!
So as you can see, I got out EVERY color in my paintbox and used it on this painting. Wee!

Anyway, this one is for “Big Mike” a man in town that does some welding for us now and then. He is an artist in his own right and quite the character. I think I actually heard him quoting Shakespeare in the local bar one night. Something you don’t hear too often in this neck of the woods. Mike liked my “Watery Isle” painting featured in the Gallery section of my website and asked if I might do something with waterfowl. So here you go Mister Mike. Heres your ducky!

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