“Repose” 12×16″ oil/canvas panel
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Finally, I have something to show for myself! This is another smaller Farm painting I did with a little help from a painting I created many years ago (seen below.) This is for an upcoming art show at Latigo & Lace Gallery in Augusta, Montana entitled “Palettes and Pages” which starts next week and runs through the summer.
Honestly speaking, its sort of been a rough spring for me and one that can only be defined as “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” Sometimes, The Powers That Be, (God, or whoever’s out there watching…) says, “To help balance things out, today its your turn.” This goes both ways, of course, where sometimes things flow easily and good luck comes in bucket loads. Usually these more positive occurrences are taken for granted and become missed opportunities to humble ourselves and give thanks. So…just for today, I’ll tip my cup, count my blessings and give thanks to Those in Charge of it All. Tomorrow will take care of itself.
  • Melinda
    Posted at 13:38h, 11 June

    This is a wonderful painting, full of peace and beautiful light.

    You have had quite a tough time I see, but I'm hoping that your future is as clear and uncomplicated as this painting suggests life can be.

    Yes, to count one's blessings and take time to be grateful…This is rest and comfort.

  • Alvin Richard
    Posted at 08:30h, 26 July

    You take a very original approach to creating art that seems quite unique, the way you approach light and color and your overall treatment of a subject. They do remind me somewhat of the palette of Vincent Van Gogh. Beautifully done!!!!

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