“Porcelain Platter”

“Porcelain Platter”

8 x 10″ oil canvas panel


Today I tried something a little different to stretch my painting legs. I may have mentioned before that I love painting white objects. I think this is from all my years painting primarily in watercolors. They lend themselves quite well to the subtlety of whites. Anyway, this platter I found at a thrift store many years ago while I was living in Seattle. The little vase is from a set a friend gave me and I have painted them several times, only in watercolor.

When I started this painting, I thought about adding a piece of fruit, but all I could find was some moldy old apples. I didn’t want to take a trip to town just for a piece of fruit, so I decided to just go with white on white and try to see if I could create a focal point with value instead of color.

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