Plein Air Doodles & Other Events

Plein Air Doodles & Other Events

Heres a little group of plein air sketches I did recently while attending a paint out with the Montana Painter’s Alliance. We had loads of fun and I got to see all my old painting buddies, plus got to know a few new ones as well. I also want to thank my friends Phil and Karen Korell, for not only hosting this years dinner for a crew of about 30+, but for also letting me bunk with them after the transmission went out in my car. Being stranded in Polson is not the worst thing that could happen to a person, I mean the Mission Mountains and Flathead Lake are about the most spectacular scenery in the state of Montana, if not the country – and I made it home eventually.
The bad news about all this is…
I went from driving this…
to driving this…
You might think this is kinda funny, but remember that “Series of Unfortunate Events” I was talking about in my earlier post? Well this is the most recent. Now I’m a big fan of carpooling and all, but the mice I have to share this truck with are gettin’ on my nerves!
Powers That Be?
I hope we’re even now, cause I’m really starting to lose my sense of humor!
  • Kelly
    Posted at 22:44h, 16 June

    Wow! What a nice truck!
    How many paintings did that cost?
    I am so sorry that you had that on your plate, Kalispell was supposed to be for fun and laughs!

  • Melinda
    Posted at 14:34h, 24 June

    Yes! I do think this is funny. We have two cars that are very similar to your choices. It keeps us humble, don't you think?

    So sorry, though, that this happened and hope things are back to normal soon. You're doing really nice work, I see.

    Loved Kelly's comment.

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