“Couch Potato” – study

“Couch Potato” – study

6 x 8″ oil/canvas

Heres another of my favorite model, Sweet William.  This sketch was inspired by another painting I did back in January entitled “Nap Time” which sold to a woman in Virginia who also lives with a Border Collie.  We had a good laugh at how many people think BCs have no down time.  They do however, need full-time monitoring due to their needy and compulsive nature.  Hers likes to jump off the boat dock into the lake – over and over and over!  Mostly, I think they just want to be with you.  Our governor, here in Montana, takes his BC to the office, press conferences, meetings, etc.  Everywhere!
My Bill is sleeping in his favorite studio chair as I post this.

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  • David Malan
    Posted at 15:17h, 12 June

    Thank you for coming by. Very nice work yourself seems you have plenty of life drawing its just not always human. I like “washing up” and “a soft place to land” a lot, their graphic feeling is very nice.

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