An update on the “Range Stallion’s Final Hour”

An update on the “Range Stallion’s Final Hour”

It seems this painting has some controversy to it, so I would like to shed some light on why I think I chose such an unhappy subject.
All artists express themselves through their creations. I mean, its not always about painting pretty pictures. Art that evokes emotion is both therapeutic and healing. Here in Montana, our artist’s community has experienced several tragic deaths in the past few months. As dreadful as the painting seems, I believe it could be my way of processing the grief associated with these events. Today, after receiving several negative reactions to it, I even considered altering the piece to reflect a more pleasant scene. But the therapy for me would then be lost, so I’ve decided to let stand.
Thanks everyone for your comments, heres to happier days!
  • Anonymous
    Posted at 08:58h, 26 April

    People are uncomfortable with death. I understand the compulsion to paint about your feelings and reaction – my partner was recently diagnosed with metastatic cancer – and my reaction was to make a quilt that expressed my feelings – despair and anguish – that made people uncomfortable.

    Of course my oldest daughter said I was the only one who would put skulls on a quilt.

    Such is life – it’s more honest to show all of life, than just the nice bits.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 09:01h, 26 April

    It looks very nicely painted by the way.

  • Mona
    Posted at 15:25h, 01 June

    It’s part of life, and perfectly valid in my view Deb, especially considering what it represents for you. I hope you might still consider including it in another kind of gallery show.

    Enjoyed seeing your website, too, today after seeing it’s posting on Alyson Stanfields’s newsletter. Great work!

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