About Me



My name is Deb Schmit and I live in the Middle of Nowhere, MT.


That is not to say I consider this part of the world to be Nowhere, obviously every place is somewhere, but here the land is wide and open, and not much gets in the way of the view.  Although the days are long and sometimes lonely, watching the sun set over Square Butte, or riding on a full-moon night during calving season, the beauty of this land overwhelms me.  There really is no place I’d rather be.


I’m passionate about my art, and I’m also passionate about my life.  As far as jobs go, being an artist tops most.  I consider myself to be fairly lucky in that I also get to live and work on a ranch.  I’m reluctant to call myself a cowgirl (although it mentions that in my biography) only because I’m not  the rodeo type and couldn’t rope a post to save my life.  As far as luck goes, I believe a person creates their own.  If you work hard and keep your nose down, eventually things fall into place.  Sometimes life gets messy, so its best to tidy things up along the way.  This makes each morning a fresh place to start, which also makes moving forward just a little easier.  I’ve lived most of my life by this standard and although there have been a few bumps along the way, its never taken me down the wrong trail.


We live in a region of Montana where the Blackfeet and Buffalo used to call home.  After that, Homesteaders tried their hand at farming.  I often wonder about the people and animals who came here before me, and the artist in me wants to tell their story.  Especially the forgotten histories; those of women who followed their husbands west and endured unbelievable hardships.  Or of the animals that lived and often died, helping shape the land.  These are the stories that get lost or pushed aside by historians, to make room for issues of war and politics.


My paintings are mostly about the figure, and what I hope to accomplish through my art, is to create a timeless document that tells a story about the emotional ties we have to the land, both today and throughout history.  I want the viewer to look deeper than the paint layers, and experience the subtle ties that connect us all.


Thanks for your time in reading this.  I know most artists ramblings tend to be sorta dry.  So what I lack in words, I hope to make up for on canvas.   My paintings are my voice and they say all the things I can’t.


Hope to see you on down the road!


~ Deb