“A Cold Morning Before Dawn”

“A Cold Morning Before Dawn”

8 x 8 ” – oil/canvas panel
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Boy that storm that went through here sure was something! We even made the national news! Thats pretty rare for Montana. Anyway, I had to catch up on some ranch stuff yesterday, so didn’t get to the studio till this morning. However, I was able to get off a few good shots of these deer that were digging around in the snow, trying to get a little something to eat.
It was about 5:30am and 4 degrees, BRR!! Poor guys, I just wanted to bring everyone into the house!

So heres another try at designing shapes. My good friend Laurie Stevens looked at my last painting and reminded me to connect my darkest values. (Oh, of course silly!!) Such a nice subject, but I do admit those calves in the straw do look a bit spotty. So in this painting I tried to connect the visual path with any little bit of ear or foot, to create a stronger composition. I love the colors in this painting. Dioxizine Purple and Sap Green, very moody and gray. Monochrome really.
Laurie used to work for Disney and is a fantastic artist. Check out her website at www.lauriestevens.net

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